UR Series

NTN UR Series

Triple-lip bearing, ultra-premium wide-inner ring, triple lip sealed, ball bearing with grub screws.

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This item is available in the following models

Model Code Information
UR204-012 UR Series 19.05mmx47mmx17/31mm
UR205 UR Series 25mmx52mmx17/34.1mm
UR205-100 UR Series 25.4mmx52mmx17/34.1mm
UR206 UR Series 30mmx62mmx19/38.1mm
UR206-102 UR Series 28.58mmx62mmx19/38.1mm
UR206-104 UR Series 31.75mmx62mmx19/38.1mm
UR207 UR Series 35mmx72mmx20/42.9mm
UR207-104 UR Series 35mmx72mmx20/42.9mm
UR208-108 UR Series 38.1mmx80mmx21/49.2mm
UR209-112 UR Series 44.45mmx85mmx22/49.2mm
UR210 UR Series 50mmx90mmx24/51.6mm
UR211-200 UR Series 50.8mmx100mmx25/55.6mm

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