Loctite 660 Quick Metal Retaining Compound

Loctite ® 660™ Quick Metal ® Retaining Compound, Press Fit Repair is a creamy, non-running adhesive/sealant. Repairs worn machine parts. Restores correct fit to mating assemblies. Enables reuse of worn bearing seats, keys, splines, tapers, or for retaining shims. Fills gaps up to 0.20"diametral clearance.

Technical Data:
Typical applications: Worn parts
Viscosity: 250,000/1,5000,000cP
Cure Time: Fixture - 20 minutes Full - 24 hours
Max gap fill: 0.5mm
Temperature resistance: 150°C
Shear strength: 23N/㎟

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660 Quick Metal Retaining Compound 6ml 66010
660 Quick Metal Retaining Compound 50ml 66040A

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